Container Conversions

Perfect for your home, business or any other space


Containers are designed and built for shipment, storage, and handling and need to withstand extreme weather elements, while all the while keeping their inhabitants cool, dry and protected. Due to their strength, mobility, cost-effectiveness, and durability, shipping containers have begun to be used in a variety of different avenues. A creative expansion of major proportions has taken over the container community and container conversions have become a hit – not just in South Africa, but worldwide.

Their structural integrity coupled with the fact that they are mass-produced means that they can be converted to a variety of different options – and at an affordable price too! They provide convenient, instant space solutions as they are robust and secure and you don’t need to have building plans drawn up as they can be moved and placed anywhere. Insta-Space solutions specialise in assisting clients with the reconditioning and converting of old, as well as the conversion of new, containers depending on your needs.


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A shipping container is anything but a run-of-the-mill steel structural shell. We can convert it into almost any use. Joining them together, adding doors and windows, plumbing, kitting them out with kitchens, giving them insulation, electricity, air conditioning are all in a day’s work for us, along with many other requirements. If you have a dream or vision in mind – come chat to us as can gladly offer you expert advice on any layout or design options you may have; and we’ll build you a container solution that is long-lasting, weather resistant and customised to your exact specifications. Some of the container conversions we have been involved in range from kiosks, cafes and shops to ablutions, canteens, clinics and water treatment facilities. Be sure to check out our portfolio page to see our most recent container conversions and event assemblies.

Water Treatment Facilities

At Insa-Space, we construct water treatment plants in containers themselves. The container is modified to perform the function of the control room and water tank.


We convert and remodel containers into instant and easily accessible retail spaces, whether it’s a trendy designer boutique or a colourful spaza shop we do it all.


Our ablution containers add ablution facilities to a site, quickly, easily and at a reasonable cost.


Add office space to a site quickly and easily with our container conversions. It’s ideal as there are no big costs involved like in building/buying fixed premises!


We provide a container conversions for container homes. We do not design container homes, but instead customise them according to plans submitted to us.

Medical Structures

Sterile, customizable and transportable medical containers for application anywhere and at any time.

Event Containers

The easiest way to manage an event or create temporary structures for retail or ablutions at an entertainment or corporate event or for any brand activations.


Our turnstile containers are your number one option for all temporary or semi-permanent site security as well as access control via simple container installation.


We convert shipping containers into professional, hygienic kitchen facilities, from basic to luxurious kitchens.


When dealing with Instaspace you have one of two options when it comes to container conversions – both with their own perks. Converting containers is an environmentally-friendly option because they are being adapted for a secondary use. You can look at it as recycling – we certainly do! Repurposing your current containers can be arranged through one of our specialized staff. Alternatively, you can order a new container through us and it can be converted to serve a specific function that you may have. We perform container conversions for a number of clients, assisting small businesses or large corporates to create an environment from which people can work or even live.

Your container requirements are different from any other business or individual’s needs that’s why we offer our customers customised container conversions, providing the fittings and peripherals that you deem necessary. You are only limited by your imagination. Contact us today, and find out how we can perform a container conversion that suits all your requirements.